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Bed Frame Buying Guide

Construction: All of our Humble Abode Bed Frames are constructed of steel with injection-molded super-durable feet.

Configurations: Humble Abode includes an excellent frame with specially engineered headboard and footboard brackets with each headboard and footboard order. We also offer our line of Metal Bed Frames that are available with headboard and footboard brackets or headboard brackets only. Wear Ever Bed Frames are the perfect choice for replacing an existing or damaged bed frame.

Important Configuration Note: If you do not have a footboard and are unsure if you will get one we highly recommend that you Do Not purchase a headboard and footboard frame but instead choose a headboard only model. The footboard brackets are not removable and they do stick out past the foot of the bed. They are about mid-shin high and could cause injury if bumped into. If you get the headboard only model and later decide to add a footboard, simply order one of our Wear Ever footboard kits.

Assembly: Assembly for all Humble Abode Metal Bed Frames is quick and easy, averaging 10-30 minutes depending on your individual mechanical abilities. Detailed instructions are included and no tools are required for assembly.

Assembly Tip: Although no tools are required to assemble our Wear Ever Bed Frames the feet do go in the sockets very snugly. If you are unable to push them in hard enough to get them in all the way to the locking position with your hands you may need to tap them in with a hammer, rubber mallet or some other hard object. If using something metal we recommend wrapping it in cloth to avoid cracking the foot.

Height: Frames that come with headboard and footboard sets hold the box spring 7 1/2" off the floor. Our Wear Ever Bed Frames are 7 1/8" off the floor. Risers are not available for 7 1/2" frames that come with the headboard and footboard sets as our headboards and footboards are only drilled to connect to the included 7 1/2" high frames.

Box Springs: Box springs are required for all Humble Abode Bed Frames except Trundle Beds, Daybeds, and Platform Beds.

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